Our team communicates directly with families, home health care companies, and others to promote the highest quality of life for clients and their families, all focused on patient-centric care.

About Us

Who We Are

Elder Care of West Michigan provides comprehensive primary care to individuals in the comfort of their homes, whether independent or part of an assisted living community. We pride ourselves in respectful, supportive, comprehensive medical care services that are founded in experience, education, and passion for older adults. Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their health care goals and age in place. We eliminate the uncertainties of transportation to and from appointments. Elder Care of West Michigan places great value in creating a rapport with the facilities caring for them.

Home Care
Compassionate Care
Elder Care of West Michigan places the highest value on face-to-face interactions between the health care provider and our patients, while striving to keep our services affordable and convenient. We make it easy and efficient for our clients. Our care providers have extensive experience in managing the medical conditions of older adults. Our specialization includes, but is not limited to: palliative care, acute and chronic illness management, and dementia.

The Elder Care of West Michigan Advantage

Our specialized health care providers are focused on providing compassionate, medical office-quality personalized care at home. We eliminate the waiting room experience and the cost is equal to traditional office visits. And, there are no additional charges for night or weekend care services.

  • Compassionate personalized care at home 
  • Health care providers with specializations to improve health outcomes in older adults 
  • House calls at equal cost to traditional office visits 
  • No additional charges for night or weekend care services 
  • Same day rapid responses to patients and families
  • Patient choice of home health agency and care system 
  • In-home lab and imaging services 
  • Elimination of the waiting room experience 
  • Onsite lab draws
  • Rapid response to referrals 
  • Appropriate and direct referrals to end of life care services